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Legendary tyres fitted by the experts in Cairns


Wheels and tyres

Whether you are a serious motorsport competitor, four-wheel driver or just drive daily on the street, you’ll find the right tyres from our huge range of Mickey Thompson, Falken, and Federal tyres. We’ll align, fit, and balance your tyres and wheels to get you off-road asap.

Pre-purchase car inspection

Don’t risk the time, effort, and stress of taking over someone else’s problem car. Let us investigate your car’s history, and dig out any unusual noises, faulty parts, or potential problems. We’ll make it easy for you to decide whether to buy that car.

Major and minor Car service

Keep your car in good shape and it’ll last longer and run better. Get your minor and major servicing for vehicles of all makes and models at astoundingly good prices while keeping your warranty void.

Mechanical repairs

Got a problem with your ride? No worries. We can help you with any mechanical repairs, such as transmission repairs, brake repairs, air conditioning, bumper repairs, and windscreen replacements.
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