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The Value Of Pre-Purchase Car Inspections

John is thinking of buying a car. It’s been serviced regularly so he’s wondering if he can save time and money not doing a mechanic inspection. It’s not an old car, so it should still be in good condition, right?

The dangers of buying second hand

Even though a car is relatively new, it could have:

  • Been in an accident
  • Minor problems which could escalate soon after you buy it
  • Roadworthy issues
  • Faulty parts that need replacing
If you don’t know about these potential problems, your bargain buy may quickly burn a hole in your pocket - and put you and your passengers at risk.

Get a once over before you commit

Don’t risk the time, effort, and stress of taking over someone else’s problem car. Visit us for a check.We’ll give you a detailed report so you understand the condition of the car and look into its service history.

We’ll do a thorough investigation to find any leaks, unusual noises, faulty parts, or potential problems.
Expect us to check:
  • Body and paintwork
  • Engine and oil
  • Tyres Interior
  • Lights
  • Equipment
  • Exhaust
  • Fluid leaks
  • And more

What to expect

  • Thorough vehicle check
  • Experienced and skilled mechanics
  • Friendly and honest advice
  • Easy to understand report with a summary of findings
You’ll get all the information you need, and we’ll explain it to you quickly and simply so you can easily decide whether to buy the vehicle.

Contact Rick and the crew to get your car serviced. Walk-ins are welcome.
Always a great service from these guys, highly recommend! -
Katie B.
The fellas bent over backwards and went out of their way to assist, and fix a problem. Nice to receive old fashioned good service, can't recommend highly enough. -
Jason K.